We are JKA certified instructors, examiners and referees.


The following are the instructors, affiliated instructors assistant instructors and active black belts


 Important note : people not listed here cannot represent JKA even if they carry a JKA diploma.



Sensei Marwan, Chairman and Chief Instructor of JKA Kuwait

Operate in Crowne Plaza- Days Thu, Fri, Sun

Instagram :    jka_fighter


Sensei : Dr. Ali Khuraibet - The General Manager of JKA Kuwait

Official referee, Instructor, Examiner

Operate days Thu-Fri-Sun

Instagram : part_the_clouds



Sensei : Marwan Hreiche  Director and Affiliation department manager

Crowne Plaza Branch and American School of Kuwait (ASK)

Official referee, Instructor, Examiner

operate days : Sat-Mon-Wed

instagram :    jkachi




Senpai : Mohammad Usman HolidayInn Salmiya Branch

operate days : Sat-Mon-Wed

Instagram :    JKAcinsh




Sensei : Vithayathil Antony Thomas - Indian learners Own Academy school branch

Official JKA Instructor, examiner, referee

instagram :    nainanshaolincom




Sensei : Abdulwahab Aljasser - One of the top seniors Karateka in Kuwait.

Official referee, Instructor, Examiner

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Sensei Amer almuqaihet

Instagram : amersahood


Senpai Romeo Mejla


Senpai Emran Mohamed

Instagram :    mico_17


Senpai Aseel AlOrbani

Instagram :    asoula_97


Senpai Osama Mohammad

Instagram :    Osama3006


Sensei \ Ali Parvenfar One of the basic instructors who built up the new JKA Kuwait.

currently - Philippines Karate Federation national team coach



[ Currently out of Kuwait ]

Sensei Ali Parven, one of the basic instructors who started JKA Kuwait, Many thanks goes to him.



Down are the founders of Shotokan Karate





Master, Gichin Funakoshi

Founder of Shotokan Karate.



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