Tradition Karate VS Sport Karate.


JKA Karate Has No Weight Classifications or Point System
Karate is not a sport one plays for points. In JKA kumite (Sparring), there are no weight
classifications and no arbitrary point system.

Other karate groups often award multiple points (e.g., 3 points for a kick to the head,
2 points for a kick to the middle body, 1 point for any kind of punch), which can be tallied up
to a win at their tournaments. But JKA tournaments are much stricter, One attack could end the match!


At the JKA there is only ippon ("one full point," which means you have downed your opponent and won),

or waza-ari ("effective technique," which counts for roughly 80% of an ippon).

The basis of JKA karate is the ability to take down your opponent, regardless of size or weight, with one blow.

There is no room for incremental points in such a tradition. The difference is obvious:
we teach our students how to gain mastery of themselves and overwhelm the opponent.


Other groups have changed Karate as "Self defense" from Art to a Karate "sport style"

Pointing system, or kick with no touch, or punch with no touch your opponent,

this is not Karate! this is not why we practice an effective self defense art


JKA Karate is not a sport style, JKA karate is a real effective self defense.


in JKA tournaments you may win your match with one effective technique

no time to run time to waste.


From JKA Tokyo Website