Dojo Rules

Registration and Fees

International Registration


?         Be Respectful: Above all, respect is expected from all our students!

?         Be your Best:  Commit yourself to hard work, follow good training, and always observe and learn from your peers.  

?         Be on Time: Don?t miss the warm-up and cause yourself injuries.

?         Be Prepared: Karate is not for attacking, but for defense measures.

Body cleaning

You are expected to always maintain the following:

?         Clean body

?         Clean hair

?         Short and clean nails  


?    We offer Karate Uniforms with JKA logo and Japanese Kanji - 15 KD.

?    No rings, watches, or other jewelry may be worn during class.

?    Always wear a clean ironed Karate uniform (Karate-Gi).

?    No badges allowed on uniform except JKA-Kuwait badges

?    No one is allowed to attend any class without the karate uniform


Protection Gear