Japan karate Association / World Federation

Ranks and Grades


Our ranks and grades Match JKA Japan Head quarter

However, there is still color differences between some regions.

but the soul system of the requirements almost the same.


Rank Color  



 10th Kyu  White 1 Month Training
 9th Kyu  Red 2 Months Training (kids level)
 8th Kyu   Yellow Heian Shodan + Kihon + Gohan Kumite
 7th Kyu   Orange Heian Nidan + Kihon + Gohan Kumite
 6th Kyu   Green Heian Sandan + Kihon + Ippon Kumite
 5th Kyu  Blue Heian Yondan + Kihon + Ippon Kumite
 4th Kyu  Purple Heian Godan + Kihon + Ippon Kumite
 3rd Kyu  Brown Tekki Shodan + Kihon + Ippon Kumite
 2nd Kyu  Brown Bassai Dai + Kihon + Ippon Kumite
 1st Kyu  Brown KankuDai + Kihon + Jiyu Ippon Kumite
1st Dan Black

Enpi + Jion

+ Kihon + Jiyu Kumite

2nd Dan Black

Jitte + KanKuSho + GanKaKu + BassaiSho

+ Kihon + Jiyu Kumite

3rd Dan Black


+ Kihon + Jiyu Kumite


4th to 10th

  Black ANY and ALL

What is the belt exam?

The more experienced you are, the farther you get.  For every level you achieve you may apply for your next belt.

The belt exam is divided into 3 parts: Kihon, Kata, and Kumite.

Kihon- basic techniques

Kata- forms

Kumite- sparring


When can I apply for the next exam ?


There should be a minimum period of 3 months between each Kyu exam.

There should be a minimum period of  6 months to 1 year between 1st Kyu and First Black belt (ShoDan).

There should be a minimum period of 1 year between 1st black belt (Shodan) and second black belt (Nidan)

There should be a minimum period of 2 years between 2nd black belt (NiDan) and the third black belt (SanDan)


What is my exam techniques? what is required ?

All explained in the chart above, however

Here is a link from Tokyo Head Office, it has the techniques that you are required to qualify in your exam.

For Dan (black) or Kyu (color) ranking requirements (Black belts) - posted from JKA HQ Please click here.

However, This is the minimum requirements for your exams, JKA Examiners, may add or modify them.


What is the results of the exam?

This is the international and Japanese way of examination results.


- Pass        : You pass and get ready for more practice and for your next grade.

- ReExam  : You re-exam a particular part of the exam after 4-6 months.

- Faild        : You will have to repeat the exam in full after 4-6 months

Belt recognizing ?

The following are JKA HQ rules:

What is the Fees for any Rank, grade or qualification ?


        Please read the Fees page for any expected fees you may pay.



ONLY Shotokan Karate art is recognized. We don't recognize any non-national federationsí belts such as private clubs,

dojos, or groups who are not registered or affiliated internationally under any approved federations.  (JKA or WKF)

You can still apply for our exams and register with us.